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The Ultimate Super-Hero
4/23/2019 7:04:00 PM by: Randy Clarke

Have you noticed that in almost all cases, the super-powers of super-heroes are actually weapons? They’re weapons used in violent battles to save the world from destruction or rid the world of an evil villain intent on taking over the world. Every story line focuses on the super-hero and his or her super-power weapon. Of course there are lots of the things blowing up, thousands of casualties, and destruction & devastation all around. It’s collateral damage. Lots of people die. However… I’ve discovered one super-hero not included in the world of Marvel Comics or DC Comics universe of superheroes – a hero that’s stronger, greater, and more powerful than any of those characters. My superhero has a super-power that isn’t a weapon used in violent battles with lots of collateral damage and destruction, or things blowing up, and people dying in the streets. The super-hero I’ve discovered actually possesses the ultimate super-power… the power to give life… the power to restore life… the power to raise people from the dead. No other super-hero has this super-power! Today we celebrate Jesus Christ no longer dead… no longer hanging on the cross… no longer buried in a stone-cold garden tomb. Once, he breathed his last on the cross. But now he is risen. The power of death will take us all (unless he returns before we die), but Jesus has the power to raise us up from the dead.

I was once dead in my sins. I was once a sinner living for myself, not paying any attention to Jesus or to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I was doing my own thing, chasing the American Dream. But God got hold of me through difficulties in my marriage that were leading Alicia and I down the road toward divorce. God spoke to us and gave us a plan for our lives. That plan began to be a reality when we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. That is when we passed from death to life. That is when the ultimate resurrection super- power of Jesus became active in our lives.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ compels us to go and to share his message of the good news that God makes dead people come alive. The resurrection reveals that all that Jesus claims to be – God himself – and all that Jesus taught – all of it – is true. Anyone who believes in Jesus and follows Jesus teachings in this life, will pass from death into everlasting life. Spiritually dead people are coming spiritually alive right now all over the world! You can be one of the tens of thousands of people around the world coming spiritually alive this morning: the lonely, the beggars, the prostitutes, the despised, the ignored, the rejected, the poor, the rich, the deceivers and the deceived, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews – anyone at all who believes in Jesus will be changed by his ultimate resurrection super-power. Time is running short before Jesus returns. He is coming back soon. Today is the day to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. People all over the world are passing from death to life on this very day!

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