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Title Speaker Category Topic Date PDF
Jesus Teaches on Divorce Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 10:1-12   10/20/2019
Jesus Loves the Little Children Pr Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 9 & 10   10/13/2019
Listen to Him! Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 9:2-113   10/6/2019
Jesus Messiah Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 8   9/29/2019
What Makes you Unclean Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 6:47-52 & 7:1-23   8/25/2019
Only With Jesus Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 6:30-44   8/18/2019
Your Pride must Go Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 6:14-29   8/11/2019
Rejection Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 6:1-12   8/4/2019
Faith over Fear Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 5:21-43   7/28/2019
Loss or Gain? Pastor Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 5:1-20   7/21/2019
Peace, be Still! Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 4:35-41   7/14/2019
Sowing Seed for the Kingdom Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 4:1-34   7/14/2019
Moving from Curious to Committed Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 3:7-35   6/30/2019
Religion vs Relationship Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 2:18 thru 3:6   6/23/2019
Ready, Set, ACTION! Randy Clarke   Mark   Mark 1:1-45   6/9/2019
Naaman Dips 7 Times Desmond Harriott   Kings   2 Kings 5   6/2/2019
Signs of the End Times Tye Riter   Miscellaneous   Signs of the End Times   5/26/2019
Powerful Prayers Randy Clarke   Daniel   Daniel 10:1-19   5/19/2019
Mother's Day: He Hears & Sees Randy Clarke   Genesis   Genesis 16:1-16   5/12/2019
Offering a Sacrifice Randy Clarke   Hebrews   Hebrews 13:11-16   5/5/2019
Crossroads Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Crossroads   4/28/2019
Resurrection from Death to Life - the Ultimate Superpower Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 24:1-12   4/21/2019
Palm Sunday - The King's Authority Randy Clarke   Matthew   Matthew 21:1-17   4/14/2019
The Good Samaritan Mike Covey   Luke   Luke 10:25-37   4/7/2019
Ego vs IHS Randy Clarke   John   John 13:1-5   3/31/2019
Going Beyond 30: Part 2 Randy Clarke   Philippians   Philippians 3:3-14   3/24/2019
Going Beyond 30 Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 3:21-23   3/17/2019
What Comes Out? Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 6:43-45   3/10/2019
Meaningful Life Randy Clarke   Ecclesiastes   Ecclesiastes 1 & 2   2/24/2019
What Love Is Randy Clarke   John   1st John 3:7-18   2/10/2019
The Curtain was Torn Rev. Bruce Elman L'Chaim Messi  Matthew   Matthew 27:51   2/3/2019
The Jewish Roots of Pentecost Robyn Wilk   Acts   Acts 2   1/27/2019
Taliau-McPherson Wedding Ceremony Randy Clarke   Wedding Ceremony   Wedding Ceremony   1/20/2019
God's Embrace Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 15:11-20   1/20/2019
Listen Up! Randy Clarke   Kings   1 Kings 19 and 1st Samuel 3   1/13/2019
Expectations for 2019 Randy Clarke   Isiah   Isaiah 55   1/6/2019
Psalm 66 - Remembering Randy Clarke   Psalm   Psalm 66   12/30/2018
Joseph the Convinced Randy Clarke   Advent-Christmas Series   Matthew 1:18-25   12/23/2018
Second Advent Sunday - the Courier Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 1:14-17, Luke 1:76-80, Lu  12/9/2018
First Advent Sunday - the Cynic Randy Clarke   Advent-Christmas Series   Luke 1:5-22   12/2/2018
Psalm 100 - Thanksgiving Harris Campbell   Psalm   Psalm 100   11/25/2018
Give Thanks Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 17:11-19   11/18/2018
Give it Away to Keep it Phil Dvorak   Miscellaneous   Give it Away to Keep it   11/4/2018
Grow up! Randy Clarke   Corinthians   1st Corinthians 3:1-9   10/28/2018
We are the Church - You are the Church Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 16:1-16   10/21/2018
Triple-E: Edify, Endure, Encourage Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 15   10/14/2018
Don't Trip Me! Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 14   10/7/2018
Romans 13 Part 2 Leland Herring   Romans   Romans 13:8-21   9/30/2018
Government for the People Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 13:1-7   9/23/2018
Spiritual DNA - Romans 12 Part 2 Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 12:9-21   9/16/2018
Romans 12 Sacrificial Service Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 12:1-8   9/9/2018
Roman 11 God's Grace, Grafting, Guarantee & Glory Rev. Bruce Elman L'Chaim Messi  Romans   Romans 11   9/2/2018
God's Sovereign Choice Randy Clarke   Romans   Romans 9   8/26/2018
TRUST IN THE LORD Randy Clarke   Proverbs   Proverbs 3:5-6   8/19/2018
TRANSITIONS! (special words from our friends) Unknown   Miscellaneous   Transitions   8/12/2018
Incredible, Invincible Impenetrable LOVE Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Love   8/5/2018
Ask Dad, He knows best Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Dad   7/29/2018
What are we doing with God's LOVE? Carl Joseph   John   1 John 3:16-18   7/22/2018
Living according to the Spirit Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Living according to the Spirit  7/15/2018
Slaves to Jesus NOT to sin Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Slaves to Jesus NOT to sin   7/8/2018
Saved, yes.. NOT by the Law Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Saved, yes.. NOT by the Law   6/24/2018
Be a Man of God Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Be a Man of God   6/17/2018
The Choice is Yours Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   The Choice is Yours   6/10/2018
A Whole Lotta Oneness! Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   A Whole Lotta Oneness!   6/3/2018
Why We Worship Carl Joseph   Miscellaneous   Why We Worship   5/27/2018
The Spirit Destroys Fear Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   The Spirit Destroys Fear   5/20/2018
What Jesus wants Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   What Jesus wants   5/13/2018
GO BAPTIZE: Obedience is Key Randy Clarke   Baptize   Baptize   5/6/2018
GO BAPTIZE: Baptism & the Holy Spirit Carl Joseph   Baptize   Baptize   4/29/2018
GO BAPTIZE: The Baptism of Water Randy Clarke   Baptize   Baptize   4/22/2018
GO BAPTIZE: The Baptism of Christ Carl Joseph   Baptize   Baptize   4/15/2018
Jesus Glorified! Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Jesus Glorified!   4/8/2018
Resurrection Sunday: The Power of Love Resurrects (audio) Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 23:50-24:12   4/1/2018
Palm Sunday: ""He needs you"" Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Palm Sunday: ""He needs you""   3/25/2018
Evangelism: HOW? Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Evangelism: HOW?   3/18/2018
Evangelism: WHY?(Go, Share the good news) Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Evangelism: WHY?(Go, Share the  3/11/2018
Volunteer, Slave or Servant? Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Volunteer, Slave or Servant?   3/4/2018
Prayer & Giving Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Prayer & Giving   2/25/2018
Prayer & Fasting Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Prayer & Fasting   2/18/2018
Prayer &The Presence of God Carl Joseph   Miscellaneous   Prayer &The Presence of God   2/11/2018
Prayer of Salvation Randy Clarke   A House of Prayer   A House of Prayer   2/4/2018
The Power of Prayer Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   The Power of Prayer   1/28/2018
Prayer & Faith Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Prayer & Faith   1/21/2018
GOD'S CHURCH: OUR VISION Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   GOD’S CHURCH: OUR VISION   1/14/2018
My House shall be called a House of Prayer Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   My House shall be called a Hou  1/7/2018
POWERFUL TESTIMONY: by Richard Greenfield New Year’s Eve Richard Greenfield   Miscellaneous   POWERFUL TESTIMONY   12/31/2017
Prayer is for Miracles Carl Joseph   Miscellaneous   Prayer is for Miracles   12/31/2017
The Christmas Story Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   The Christmas Story   12/24/2017
Advent: The STAR Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Advent: The STAR   12/24/2017
Advent: LOVE Randy Clarke   Advent   Advent: STAR   12/3/2017
Advent: Expecting HOPE! Randy Clarke   Advent   STAR--Advent   11/26/2017
JERUSALEM: City of God Randy Clarke   Revelations   Revelations 21-22   11/19/2017
Hallelujah! Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Hallelujah!   11/12/2017
The Throne of Heaven Randy Clarke   Revelations   Revelation 4-7   11/5/2017
Messages to the Churches Randy Clarke   Revelations   Revelations 2:1-3:22   10/29/2017
True Love Randy Clarke   John   1 John 3:1-4:21   10/15/2017
HOPE IN DARK TIMES Carl Joseph   James   James 1   10/8/2017
Living Hope Leland Herring   Peter   1st Peter 1:1 - 2:12   10/1/2017
Oasis: A refreshing Church Chuck Hughes   Miscellaneous   Oasis: A refreshing Church   9/17/2017
All Scripture is God-breathed Randy Clarke   Timothy   2 Timothy 3:10-4:8   9/3/2017
The Love of Money Randy Clarke   Timothy   1 Timothy 6:3-21   8/20/2017
Who will Lead? Randy Clarke   Timothy   1 Timothy 3:1-12   8/13/2017
Amazing Grace Carl Joseph   Colossians   Colossians 1:1-8   8/6/2017
Rejoice in the Lord! Randy Clarke   Philippians   Philippians 4:2-9   7/30/2017
Ready for Battle Unknown   Ephesians   Ephesians 6   7/23/2017
Conquerors! Randy Clarke   Miscellaneous   Conquerors!   7/9/2017
Paul goes to Rome Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 25   7/2/2017
Paul: More Missionary Journeys Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 16-20   6/25/2017
Non-Negotiables! Leland Herring   Acts   Acts 15   6/18/2017
The First Missionary Journey Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 13-14   6/11/2017
The Road to Damascus Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 9:1-31   6/4/2017
GROWTH AND PERSECUTION Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 3-4   5/14/2017
THE FIRST MARTYR Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 6-8   5/7/2017
THE DAY OF PENTECOST Randy Clarke   Acts   Acts 2   4/30/2017
THE ASCENSION Carl Joseph   Acts   Acts 1:1-11   4/23/2017
THE RESURRECTION Randy Clarke   John   John 20:1-21:25   4/16/2017
The Arrest and Trial of Jesus Randy Clarke   John   John 18:1-40   4/9/2017
THE LAST SUPPER Randy Clarke   Luke   Luke 22   4/2/2017
Healing a blind man Randy Clarke   John   John 9:1-41   3/26/2017
GET OUT OF THE BOAT! Leland Herring   Matthew   Matthew 14:22-36   3/19/2017