Small Groups

Life Groups

The Vision for our Life Groups is the same as for our Church: To go and share the love of Jesus that unites diverse people in a refreshing community. Life Groups typically meet monthly and are always open to new people.

Core Purposes of Life Groups:

LOOK UP: Prayer (Connect with God)

Prayer is vital to connect our hearts with the purposes of God in us and in the world. As we hear the needs of one another and then commit these to God in prayer, we are interceding for one another and approaching God as the One who can transform us.

LOOK IN: Fellowship (Connect with Each Other)

Spiritual growth hinges upon a believer being connected to both God and the church family. Group members do life together by connecting in a deeper, vulnerable way with each other. The group must truly become family, authentic in relationships and support for one another

LOOK OUT: Outreach (Connect with Unchurched/Seekers)

We want our Life Groups to be a “safe” environment to invite seekers. Sometimes it's a simple prayer for a friend. Other times it might be inviting your friend to a BBQ or fun night out with the group. Other times it might be encouraging a group member to bring over a meal to a neighbor who is going through a difficult season of life. God calls all of us to go to people who don't know him.

Men’s & Women’s Bible Study Groups

Weekly Bible Studies are offered throughout the year for men and for women. These groups typically meet on Thursday evenings, 7-8:30 pm to study God’s Word, pray, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. For a schedule of current study groups, contact the Church Office (561-791-0524).

Conquer Series


The Conquer Series men’s small groups are designed for men to win in every arena of life. The small group is your combat team where you can sharpen each other, as iron sharpens iron. In this band of brothers, you will find acceptance, protection, and encouragement because you are all in this together.
"There is NO hope of revival in the church today unless men are helped to get free with Biblical answers that actually work.”   Dr. Ted Roberts

What to Expect

A typical Conquer Group is made up of 5-6 men, including your host. The setting is casual. You will watch one DVD per week for five weeks, go through the discussion topics presented in the DVD and follow the workbook. You will be given a mission each week to apply the lessons you’ve learned.

Every Thursday, 7–8:30 pm in the Administration Building. For more information call Wyatt at 561 246-7322